Monday, October 25, 2010

Major packing and relationship advice

I visited with my parents yesterday. My dad proceeded to give me relationship advice now that my sweetie and I are now bi-coastal. Without knowing the term, he talked about the trickiness about the "two body" problem. My dad was concerned about the distance over a long period of time and has urged me to finish as quickly as possible. My thoughts exactly!

But, the next part was a bit unexpected. He also talked about me watching out for my job opportunities and not necessarily to go to the top, highest earning place. My dad talked about relationships needing compromise. None of this is a surprise to me, but coming from my dad was.

Interestingly, my sister has also said something similar years ago about either my sweetie or I needing to choose whose career path to follow. My sweetie and I are both very strong researchers, so that will be a tough call to make. As he finished first, we are following his now until I finish. My sweetie is shaking the trees to find me opportunities as well.

I can picture myself at a top tier research institution. But! Is that what I want? I've recently learned that the lifestyle I envision for us and raising a family doesn't work well with that crazy workload. Anyways, that's another thread to follow up on later.

Since Friday, I have been majorly packing for my sweetie. We'd already done quite a bit, but this move is different since it is across the country and all through FedEx! I'll say this: it is much easier to sweep everything into moving boxes than actually take the time to prioritize to ship the important things. Nineteen boxes later and I have my living room back.

With all of the boxes gone and the server gone, the apartment feels quite a bit empty. I can reach my bed without tripping, but I miss the hum of my sweetie's computer and the lights from it that I've seen for the last four years.

No major insights today. Just me putting my thoughts out into the world.

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