Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a few more days

I fly out to see my honey on Saturday afternoon. I'll be with him until December 1. That's quite a chunk of time together. I am glad that my schedule can accommodate it. I hope that I will be just as lucky for Christmas and sometime in the spring. However, I am starting to fear that this may be the big trip until I finish   :(

In the first weeks that my honey started his new job, we were still able to chat via IM, email, and video chat several times per day. This last week or so has been less so. He's adjusting his schedule to that he becomes a morning person which is better for me. I get sleepy towards midnight and feel bad when we don't get to talk because I'm in bed.

I know it's silly, but I really miss being with him all day long. I know most people don't get to be with their significant other at work. That's been an essential piece of who we first were as a couple. I am saddened to think that I will likely never have that again since I want to go into academia and he does not, and even if he did, it would be extremely unlikely that a department would hire both of us.

I just want to feel more connected. I really miss the everyday.

On another note, I am seriously contemplating getting a home cleaning service while I finish my PhD. It was much easier to keep house when there were two of us. Plus my honey is much more of a neat-nick than I am (lucky me, but unlucky him!).

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